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We are an organization that puts quality above every other thing. Quality management is another aspect of aviation that we lay emphasis on in all our trainings. Because of our drive for quality, our instructors, pilots and staff are all world-class FAA approved and experienced aviators innately interested in the education of the next generation of pilots around the world. We always ensure quality in our trainings, our equipment, our human resources and we do not lightly esteem the quality of the students that pass through our institute. Our trainings are in conformity with all quality regulatory rules from ISO, EASA and FAA.


We are a safe low-risk institute. We strictly adhere to high flight safety standards as advised by FAA. Our courses lay heavy emphasis on the safety management aspect of aviation training. We realize the importance of pilots being aware of Systematic Management of Safety (SMS) We know that human error accounts for majority of the Aviation accidents that occur every year, and so we do our best to minimize such errors by ensuring our pilots and instructors are top notch and our equipment and facilities are always properly and adequately maintained. Since our instructors are retired airlines or air force pilots, the safety aspect as well as the quality of the training will be second to none.

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