Aamro Aviation offers intensive pilot training courses. If you are willing to join, register with us by filling in appropriate details mentioned on the portal. Upon registration, you can opt to pay the fees by using our various payment options either online or in person. Please note that the fees paid is non-refundable unless there is an unavoidable and a genuine circumstance that can be considered.

Security Deposit should be refundable at the end of training. In case of premature termination of the course by the student, fees will not be refunded under any circumstance. All fees mentioned above, are subject to change depending on cost of fuel, aircraft spares and changes in Central Govt/State Govt policies etc. Training will be terminated at any stage if the trainee is found unfit for flying, or not showing any progress in flying or if found involved in problem/trouble making activities in the Academy.

Refund Policy for Failed Transactions:

In case your amount was deducted from your account but transaction was not successful, then we will refund the amount at the earliest.

The process the refund the amount back to you may take 10-12 days. So please be patient. We assure you, that your money would be refunded back as at the earliest. We would advise you to place an order again.