Diamond aircrafts’ key qualities are excellent performance, top quality building, technical refinement and visual charm from every angle. With a lot going all out, There’s little doubt that these aircrafts belong on the shortlist of the best and light, double or single engine planes ever before. In brief, it's a champion.
All our aircrafts are in pristine condition. Our aircrafts are IFR certified and contain current specifications that speak volumes about the health status of our flights. Safety and quality are our utmost priority and we are committed to ensure that our clients and students interact with quality tools that enable them to achieve their desired objectives. These aircrafts are regularly inspected every 100 hours and are compliant with all other required inspections.

Latest Equipment

Optimum Performance


Our DA20 fleet


Ergonomically designed and fun to fly, the DA20- C1 far outshines its competitors. Many flight students later pilot their own Katana, because it gives much more than a typical 2-seater aircraft. Sturdy, safe, reliable and with a cutting-edge design that has been thoughtfully designed to ensure the students has a beautiful panoramic view while flight training. Its agility and superb performance lets you experience the thrill of flying like no other.
The DA20’s glide ratio is 11:1. This means that for every 1000 feet of altitude, the DA20 can glide for up to 2 miles. This translates to a high degree of safety while training should an emergency arise.
The DA20 comes equipped with a Garmin 530 Navigation System which is easy to read and interpret critical flight information. It is a multitasker that helps guide you ably while you soar the skies.

Our DA40 fleet


The smooth lines and the flip up canopy of the DA40 will surely make you feel like you are behind the wheels of a top end sports car rippling through the clouds with the vast beautiful sea below you.

The DA40 is an innovative and state-of-the-art design combined with a Garmin 430 and a 530 for exceptional navigational guidance. Add to that excellent safety, best flight qualities, robustness and very high reliability making it one of the most preferred choice of aircraft for student training across the world. The DA40 boasts the latest in avionics, perfect panorama views, comfort and more space. It is the outstanding SE training aircraft of the 21st century, which boasts of a Lycoming IO-360 180 horse power engine.

Our DA42 fleet


Our flagship aircraft! A top performer that takes you sky high: the ultra-modern, twin-engine DA42 perfectly matches stylish elegance with easy and efficient operation. The DA42 comes equipped with a G1000 glass cockpit which means critical information is always at your fingertips and it also improves situational awareness apart from various other safety advantages. The training you receive in a glass cockpit is your stepping stone to your transition to jet aircrafts. With the DA42 you will enjoy more comfort, improved power, increased performance, extended range and longer endurance – and many envious glances.
You will never want to train in another flight after having experienced the beauty of the DA42. A prized possession of ours that we strongly feel every student should try at least once during the training.

Safety, Safety, Safety

At Aamro Aviation we cannot stress enough on the safety of our students and instructors. This is precisely the reason that led us to choose Diamond Aircrafts for our students. Diamonds have a track record of being one among the safest aircrafts in the world with low case of fatalities. Get more details here.

Some key features of our aircrafts are:

Active safety features include stable handling at low speeds, short take-off and landing distances, superior visibility and state-of-the-art avionics.

Passive safety features such as aluminum fuel cells protected by the DA40’s dual carbon fiber spars, help prevent post impact fires, a 26G rated safety cell cockpit and a host of other built in features help keep you safe should the unexpected happen.

Why we chose the best for you?

We did a careful analysis of the training requirements of our student pilots before deciding on the most important decision of which aircrafts would be the most suitable. We feel we need to train our students to be ‘airline ready’ before their first type-rating on a transport category aircraft should they choose to pursue this field as a career option.
Student pilots are enabled to develop the right psychomotor, cognitive, strategic and tactical skills which can then be easily transferred into the cockpit of an airliner.
The Diamonds have a set of key improvements and modifications as well as with a variety of options contained in the Advanced Airline Training (AAT) package. This package enables you to implement airline procedures and the respective operational realism from the very beginning of your training program.