Welcome to Sunny Florida where you get 345 days of flying. Aamro Aviation is in the heart of Palm Beach County, one of the most beautiful places in the United States! Aside from our top-notch pilot training center, you will find much to do here in South Florida. Take a short trip into West Palm Beach and explore City Place, a premier shopping experience. Restaurants are second to none with the varied cuisine and cultures represented. The world-renowned Miami beach is just a few minutes’ drive from our location. Unwind there over the weekend and explore the entire east coast during your stay here. There are countless nature walks and outdoor recreational experiences. Hire a boat for the day and go fishing!

Why Choose Us?

Reason to choose Aamro Aviation for your future


Have you ever wondered what it might be like, or dreamed of flying an aircraft? A childhood dream perhaps? Our Discovery Flight will be your perfect introduction into the world of Aviation.

Following a 20-minute brief introduction from your expert FAA Certified Flight Instructor, you will hop onto a Diamond single engine aircraft for an exciting 40-minute journey of a lifetime!

Once safely up in the sky, thanks to the instructor taking care of all the necessary safety and preliminary procedure including take-off, with the instructor prompting you, you will be allowed to take control over the aircraft! Maintaining altitude, taking gentle turns, and climbing to altitude will all be done by YOU. On completion, you will be awarded with a Discovery flight certificate and a photograph.

Discovery Flights make great gifts too! Confused as to what to gift your friends and family for a special occasion? Change things up with the gift of flight! Discovery Flights are perfect for Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, or any other special occasion.

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The Aamro Aviation Advantage

Why chose Aamro Aviation for achieving your dreams of soaring the skies with the controls in your hand?

Experienced and certified instructors

We carefully select our instructors who are qualified, experienced and have a flair for training students using creative and innovative learning techniques. Under the guidance of our Chief Pilot, all instructors are carefully vetted and chosen not just for their ability to fly but also their knowledge of sound teaching skills.

Well Maintained Aircrafts

We take great pride in being a Diamond only flight training center. We teach single engine skills in DA20 and DA40 and multi engine on DA42. If you have any experience in other planes, you will immediately notice the difference in quality and experience with the Diamond planes. Our aircraft are spotlessly maintained with a mechanic onsite and exceed all FAA regulations for safety. We suggest you take a discovery flight with us to see for yourself!

Latest Curriculum

We offer our students the latest curriculum that will help them prepare for all the rigorous testing required to pass on through the ranks of pilot ratings necessary to achieve their goals.