Our Mission

  To help achieve the dreams of those who aspire to fly for leisure or as a career.

  To provide world class facilities, equipment and guidance to help achieve this dream.

  To create ethical, disciplined and most importantly passionate and safe pilots of all age groups.

Our Instructors

  All instructors are fully qualified and certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

  Medical certificates will be always current, along with TSA compliance. Due to the nature of the students coming to train in Boca Raton, our focus is only on exceptional flight instructors

  Our staff of instructors are not CFI time builders, only exceptional educators with real interest in helping their students achieve their dreams of becoming a pilot are hired as instructors. Little bit older and a little bit wiser. There is no substitute for experience

Our Aircrafts

  All aircrafts are fully equipped with latest GPS (Garmin 430) and are all IFR certified and current.

  They will be in compliance with all required inspections including 100 hour inspections.

  All aircrafts will be 10/10 inside and out. Each aircraft will be branded tastefully with our company logo.

  All aircrafts will be owned 100% by our company, lien free

Our Training Courses

Learn to Fly

Welcome to Aamro Aviation

We can make your flying Dreams Come True!


All aircrafts will have all required insurances. The insured amount would be one million dollars’ liability with USD 100,000 as personal liability.

Faa Approved Flight Training Device

Flight simulator is perfect tool for pilots and pilots in training to use to efficiently practice instrument approaches, along with improving pilot flight and communication skills.

Why Choose Us?

Reason to choose our Aviation for your future


Quality management is another aspect of aviation that we lay emphasis on during this course

Aspects such as ISO quality requirements, Process management, Audit management and document control

All quality requirements of key regulatory bodies and national authorities such as ISO, EASA, and FAA will be covered

Quality management goes hand in hand with SMS

The academy will ensure that along with theoretical knowledge, the live training also covers the quality and safety aspects of aviation as laid down by the FAA


The course will lay heavy emphasis on the safety management aspect of aviation training. We realize the importance of pilots being aware of Systematic Management of Safety (SMS)

Flight safety standards as advised by the FAA will be strictly adhered to during training

Human error accounts for majority of the Aviation accidents that occur every year

Since our instructors are retired airlines or air force pilots, the safety aspect as well as the quality of the training will be second to none

Multi-Engine Training

This flight training course is for airplane, multi-engine ratings added to Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot certificates. Similar requirements and cost structure for an MEI add-on to a CFI or CFII are available.
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Why a Flying School in Boca Raton?

Our CEO, Mr. Murali Nair had spent two months learning flying at a flying school based in Boca Raton. During that period, he felt that there is a need for a professionally managed flying school in Boca Raton. Since Aamro has its presence globally, getting students from different countries is not a problem.
The facilities at the Boca Raton airport has impressed him and that’s also one of the reasons that he chose Boca Raton to start the school. The group has also decided to foray into different aspects of the airlines industry, like small charter flights, discovery flights etc.

Our Instructors

Qualified & Certified


Pilot Trainer

John Deo

Aircraft Engineer


Flying Officer



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